Fees + Insurance

At this time I do not accept health insurance, and therefore would be considered an out-of-network physician by an insurance company. This means you would receive a bill for services and a receipt that you can then submit to your insurance company for reimbursement of services after paying the bill. You may provide your insurance company with this bill and be reimbursed on average between 50-100% depending on your plan. Please call your insurance company and find out whether they cover out-of-network services. Medicaid and/or Medicare do not reimburse out of network.

    1. Ask about whether or not there are "out-of-network" benefits and if so, how much is reimbursed.

    2. Ask about any deductibles that must be met before these benefits are active.

    3. Ask if a referral or prior authorization is required and if there are limits on the number of therapy visits in a given time period.

    4. Ask how to submit claims for reimbursement (typically this is done online or by mail after the provider gives the patient a receipt that includes all relevant diagnostic and service codes).

​Commonly used CPT codes:

90792 – Initial evaluation

99212 – Medication check, straightforward

99213 – Medication check, medium complexity

99214 – Medication check, high complexity

90833 – plus psychotherapy, 16-37 mins

90836 – plus psychotherapy, 38-52 mins

90838 – plus psychotherapy, >52 mins